Azure portal – VM creation new features

Microsoft Azure has released a few interesting new features and design changes in the Virtual Machine creation wizard on their portal:

“Bring Your Own” Windows operating system

When creating a new Virtual Machine, the first new feature we notice in step 1 – “Basics”, is the ability to “Bring Your Own” Windows operating system

As stated in the selection, you can now save some money by using your own Windows license within an Azure Virtual Machine. To check if your current Windows license can be used in Azure, please refer to the following page:

New VM size selection filtering

I always found it hard to scroll through the list of existing Virtual Machine sizes and find the right one as there are so many to choose from.
When selecting your VM size (in Step 2 – “Size”), you will now see a new section at the very top that will allow you to filter VM sizes by hard disk types, amount of memory and number of cores, eliminating any VMs from the selections that you know does not fit your selection criteria.


New OS disk type selection

Last, but not least, in Step 3 – “Settings”, you can now pick your “Disk Type”, which allows you to select if you want the OS to be installed on HDD or SSD (SSD will of course only be available when an Virtual Machine with premium disks has been selected in the size selection).


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